How to Meditate Yourself out of Depression

Male meditate to get rid of depressionPeople who have mild to moderate depression can benefit a lot from meditation. Meditative techniques help both the body and mind to relax. Meditative techniques mostly dwell on practices that can lift foul mood and offer great relief. As such, this article looks at the ways in which meditation can help alleviate depression.

Depending on the severity of the depression that one is going through, you may sometimes go through humiliating bouts of despondency that make you feel that your life has lost meaning. Trying to do meditation during this state of despair can be very risky especially if you have never done it before. Therefore, you are advised to let your emotions subside before you engage in meditation. As your emotions settle, you will have your body become more responsive and thus be able to counteract depression with positive mediation.

Further, you are advised to find a quiet place as you undertake meditation to overcome depression. If possible, draw your curtain and paste a warning on the door that tells others not intrude. Focusing on meditative techniques is going to prove elusive if there is a lot of noise in the surroundings. Note that an unsuccessful attempt to calm your depressive thoughts through meditation can end up doing more harm than good. If you find silence disconcerting, you are advised to have some soft music playing in the background. Some instrumental music can in fact help filter the noise in case you reside in particularly noisy areas where it is completely impossible to enjoy total silence.

For you to successfully meditate yourself out of stress, you are advised to meditate while in a physically comfortable state. Traditional meditation is usually done while seated on a pillow or a mat with one’s legs crossed. However, you may not feel fully relaxed while in this position. If you do not like this position, you can choose to meditate while lying down or seated in a comfortable chair. On top of ensuring that you are physically comfortable as you undertake your meditation, you should also ensure that you are attired in comfortable clothes. For those who have depression coupled with some anxiety disorder, they may include some light activity such as walking in order to be calmer during the whole process.

Meditating with one’s eyes closed also has immense benefits for those fighting depression. Closing your eyes as you meditate helps block out the world around you. You will be thus able to tap into the most peaceful recesses of your inner self. Again, it helps you be in a position to focus more on your heart and mind since there are few distractions.

In order to effectively tackle depression through meditation, you are advised to do mantra meditation. In this kind of meditation, you repeat a certain calming word or statement. Repeat such words and phrases until all the disturbing thoughts fall away. This way, you will able to remove all the negative thoughts from your brain and at the same time give it time to recharge and heal. For those of us who are religious, you may also choose to chant a prayer as it can take the place of a mantra.

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